Tuesday, November 22, 2011

@CSGV, The Criminal's Best Friend

Amidst another one of their hit piece rants against the NRA, Ladd Everitt proves once again whose side he's really on:
The NRA has also not hesitated to dismantle the presumption of innocence when it allows gun owners to shoot first and ask questions later.
So Ladd wants a criminal who's breaking into your home or raping your wife or daughter to be 'presumed innocent' but when it comes to firearms, you're guilty even if you're 'suspected' of anything.

Is there any wonder why we can't reason w/ them?

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Dannytheman said...

When Ladd speaks like this, and we can easily defend our position with such clarity, he adds to his stupidity and losses.

Right now, it's sheer numbers, we have, and continue to add, the numbers. NRA membership is up, more woman shooting and self protecting.

Our message is TRUTH. They can never beat that, lies always become undone!

Weer'd Beard said...

Given his love for cyber stalking I suspect he'd want the laws tightened up so he can be a big tough man in real life too!

That and professional courtesy for all his friends and coworkers.

Ken said...

Correction: it was Josh Horwitz, not Ladd Everitt. Not that there's much difference.

You'd think the Left would be ashamed of flocking to a site founded by a cult member who screwed her way into money (and did such a bad job of it that her husband turned gay!), and who left the GOP because it wouldn't adopt her celebrity-based political strategy. You'd think wrong, of course.

Thirdpower said...


It's normally Ladd posting under Josh's name.


Phil said...

Actually, you missed a step.

Whenever you go to buy a firearm, you are considered guilty until proven innocent.

The Form 4473 asks you personal and invasive questions, under penalty of perjury, that you do not have to answer when you buy any other tool.

Likewise, the NICS check makes you stand there whilst your innocence is proven to the dealer by a bureaucrat hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. If you were innocent until proven guilty, they would do the check at the end of the day, after the sale.

The CSGV just takes this train of thought to its conclusion.