Sunday, September 11, 2011

MachineGuns at Gun Shows Myth: The Reality

Since an Al Qaeda terrorist proclaimed you could go to a US gun show and buy machineguns w/o any paperwork whatsoever, gun control pundits have tried to come up w/ any excuse to try and ‘close the gun show loophole’ (iow ban private transactions) because ‘terrorists want to buy machineguns in the US’.

Well we all noted how stupid that nonsense was so they tried a different track. They tried claiming that it was ‘assault weapons’ and ‘conversion kits’ that were prolific at gun shows. I had a conversation w/Brady Campaign Spokes-Victim Colin Goddard who claimed to have seen conversion kits that were sold ‘only at gun shows’. Yeah. OK.

Well of course all the other major players in the gun banning world had to get involved as well. The Joyce Foundation bought and paid Media Matters’ put out a nice little piece on it. In it they linked a Southern Poverty Law Center** interview (through MAIG) who visited some gun shows and, of course, claims he found lots of scary books and guns, “In the 90’s during the peak of the militia movement”. He saw these “Very cheap little kits, which were glorified rubber bands*, which for a few dollars you could convert a semi-automatic weapon into a completely illegal fully automatic weapon. And of course he claims it’s always right next to the ‘Turner Diaries’. You’ld think these guys run off a script.

Their strongest evidence is a VPC report (another Joyce Foundation grantee) about a GAO report and hearing stating that ‘truckloads’ of military grade parts and ammo can be found at gun shows. The problem w/ this? The VPC report is from 2000 while the GAO report and hearing they cite is from 1993. 18 years ago. The report and commission also had nothing to do w/ gun shows, but instead involved the thefts of hundreds of thousands of dollars of military equipment from NG facilities which was allegedly being used for personal use or making its way to criminal elements .

An interesting side note is that according to a NG Investigator from Tennessee, Al Gore (then Senator) prevented the prosecution of the thieves. One can only assume this was in return for testifying before Congress, similar to what occurred w/ Robyn Anderson, the girl who straw purchased several of the guns for the Columbine shooters and then Rep. Ken Gordon, another gun-control advocate.

So what we’re seeing is gun control groups supporting their endeavors w/ information that is nearly 20 years out of date and contemporary ‘experts’ who are completely ignorant on the subject they’re discussing. That’s like claiming you can still find SKS’s by the crate for less than $100 ea because it was common back then. But they’re dishonest enough to try and make it seem like it’s happening today because that’s the only way they can push their agenda.

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* For newer readers. The devices he describes make a semi-auto cycle quickly by 'bumping' the trigger over and over. It does not make it a 'machinegun'.

** More on the SPLC here and here.


PT said...

I have one of those conversion kits that Colin was talking about, available without a background check, no questions asked.

Its called a Mini-Mill and is available from any Harbor Freight store nationwide. FedEx will bring it right to your door.

The real danger is not the machine but the user.

wizardPC said...

I'll sometimes hear this thing about buying machine guns at gun shows. My response is usually something along these lines:

"There is a gun show next weekend. Come with me, and if you walk out the door with a machine gun you just bought, I'll give you $5,000 and drive you to the ATF field office so you can turn it in to be destroyed. I'll give you $3,000 for each live grenade you buy. If you don't find anything, then all I want from you is for you to STFU until you are able to do the things you say are going on."