Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh the Irony UPDATE II : Reasoned Discourse Strikes Again

The fun continues w/ the self-proclaimed 'progressive'.

This is why I included you in the troll category. You used insults and ad hominem attacks, paranoid fantasies and terrible logic without providing any evidence. Those are the behaviors of a troll.

-Kenneth Quinnell, A troll by his own definition

As per SOP, his entire argument revolves around "I choose to disagree w/ you and always will because you're wrong so I choose to disagree w/ you" That, plus a healthy dose of denial. IOW your usual gun bigot.

"Moderation" has kicked in again. Let's see if my response (w/ lots of evidence and links) get approved.

UPDATE: It did get approved and the dancing and avoiding he takes is epic in proportions. The only thing he proved is that he didn't even read his own post (never mind the multiple links I provided) before responding.

I mean really, he defends the 'MeettheNRA' site as not exclusively for ad hominems when its only purpose it to demean the characters of the NRA board members, something he follows suit in w/ his post.

Now he's allegedly taken his ball and gone home. This is the 'elite' of the gun control movement. No wonder we're doing so well.

UPDATE II: He had to have the last word (mostly more character attacks and ad homs) and now appears to have enabled 'Reasoned Discourse' by locking the comments on that post.

So I'll respond here:

It’s possible that in my comments there were a few things that amounted to straw men. That’s because I had to come to conclusions based on what you said when you didn’t communicate particularly well.

Ah, of course. Always someone else's fault.

You seem to think that you are this calm, rational person who understands how the world works and that you are unbiased and just presenting the facts. You aren’t. Much of what you are saying is nonsensical and your ego allows you to think that you’ve somehow “won” or “exposed” me, despite the fact that you haven’t convinced me of anything and nobody reading what you wrote would agree with it unless they were already on your side.

I'm certainly not trying to convince him, that's for sure. He's shown himself to be a 'true believer'. And I certainly did expose him for the ignorant bigot that he is. Whether anyone else is convinced, well, that's his opinion. I would wager (a phrase he likes) that I've signed up more people for the NRA and convinced more to support firearm rights than he has to oppose. And had he spent more than just a few minutes rapidly clicking through the links I presented, he would have noticed that I never claimed to be fair and unbiased. That little yellow logo on the side might have given him a clue. But probably not.

You’ve flooded the comments here with things that have nothing to do with the post in question. Even the things that I thought were connected to the post you’ve revealed are not. That makes me wonder what your particular problem is. Clearly this is troll behavior. I know you think you are fighting for some “good” or against some perceived “evil.” You aren’t. What you are doing won’t convince anybody that your side is right. It will go over very well with people that already agree with you, but that’s it.

How can he say that when he apparently didn't even read his own post, claiming he didn't mention the EFSGV? For the rest, see above. And the nice little attempt at turn around "what your particular problem is..". My 'problem' is self-appointed authoritarians trying to determine how I should live MY life and using BS from groups like the Joyce Foundation to try and justify it. He needs to 'believe' he's better and I'm inconsequential for him to maintain his feelings of self-worth.

But when people see that Marion Hammer claims to be mainstream and then calls for the elimination of an entire group of people she disagrees with, if they are sane, people will be less likely to take her as a serious actor in the political system.

Talk about fearful paranoia. If he honestly thinks she wants to 'kill all liberals', he's the one that needs to be on some sort of medication.

I could point out the flaws with your arguments and admit to the one error I made, but neither would matter to you and no one else is going to read these comments that isn’t already on my side or on your side, so it’s a pointless endeavor. Nothing petulant about it, just being a good judge of the best way to use my own time and it’s not on extremists like you. The rules of logic and evidence aren’t mine. You’d be much more effective if you learned all of them, not just a few that you can use as buzzwords.

He could try (and fail some more) and his 'error' would likely be blamed on me as well. He's such a 'good judge' he spent another 20 min or so responding to this 'extremist' before he locked down comments. One thing I'll agree w/ him on. The rules of logic and evidence certainly aren't his and he has very little familiarity w/ them.

I reiterate, this is the intellectual elite of the gun control movement at their finest. They can only function in an echo chamber. No dissenting opinion allowed.Which is really funny with his post here:

Loser: Mike Haridopolos — Rather than convincing people that the bills he wants are the right thing to do, he just stacks the deck so he doesn’t have to deal with the opposition. Shameful.
What else can I say to that?

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Miguel said...

I was about to comment we are pissing Libs easily this wekend and then I found out we are in the Day Of Rage thing.

kaveman said...

I read all his responses this morning and I thought about sending you an email to alert you.

Then I had a second thought that even though I'm 2 hours ahead of you, you'd see it yourself.

I asked him where all his supporters were; I'm awaiting that response as well.

Archer said...

Hey Thirdpower,

Are you getting tired running logic circles around him? Need a Red Bull or anything?

Keep it up, this is great reading. I've been laughing my @$$ off all morning!

Braden Lynch said...

One simple thing caught my eye, the use of the term "extremist" to describe our position. Funny, but I thought supporting a fundamental human right (i.e. of self-defense) and what is recognized as such in our Constitution (that would be the Second Amendment) should be viewed as mainstream.

Gun control freaks who want to take away our ability to defend ourselves fit the "extremist" category much more nicely. Note what is their starting point - doing harm to the Bill of Rights.

Thirdpower said...

It's a nice little word to try and demean us. He can't actually say 'why' it's 'extremist' but it is, because he says so.

But you're right. I would call someone wanting to curtail a fundamental right to be 'extremist', definitely not 'progressive'.

g said...

Name calling and trolling!!!?? He obviously hasn't been to HuffPo!!

Molon Labe said...

Nice work, TP. Usually bacon is the only thing that satisfies me in the morning along side my pot o' coffee. But the double scoops of smack-down you served up to Kenny left me feeling more than satisfied.

But i'm still gonna have bacon. I mean, it's bacon for god's sake.