Monday, September 26, 2011

GRPC '11 Roundup & Thoughts

Now that I've rested up a bit and gotten caught up on my weekend chores, I finally have some time to share my thoughts on the weekend.

While it was technically a 'working weekend', I of course managed to take some time to talk to people, catch up, update others, etc. I finally got to meet David Codrea, John Richardson, Mike Vanderboegh (albeit briefly), David Workman amongst just a few names. I'm small potatoes compared to many who where there and I still had the experience of people coming up to me and telling me they read DOOT regularly and that I'm doing a great job. What a rush it was to have people much more influential than I asking to use reference material I've put together. I got a chance to talk at length w/ David Kopel, Larry Pratt, David Young and Charles Heller was just icing on the cake.

Of the conference itself, it was excellent. The speakers put out tons of information at a level the 'average' gun owner could understand. And there was LOTS of it. Everything from media bias, to women and firearm to litigation. If you are able to go to one, do it. It will be worth your while. Next year is in Orlando, FL.

More at War on Guns, Seattle GRE,& No Lawyers. Audio of the Conference is available from Charles Heller (JPFO) :

GRPC '11 Day 1
Day 2: Conference
Day 3: Conference & ISRA AM

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