Friday, September 30, 2011

WAVE Lying to Lose

After months of PSH resulting in a net loss for their campaign to keep Wisconsin-ites defenseless, the Joyce puppet WAVE flat out lies in order to retain any semblance of influence:
Bonavia says they are calling on businesses to ban guns from being carried inside. She says similar steps have been taken by about 80-percent of the businesses in other states that allow concealed carry.
HorseSh!t. I mean come on. Unless they think that noone in their state travels anywhere outside of the borders, they have to know that is flat out nonsense. So why would they make a claim like that?

Oh right. The only thing they can do is lie.

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Stephen Wright

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Linoge said...

That number is a flat-out lie here in TN.

But bear in mind - they may be "padding" their numbers in certain states where the legislature prohobits carrying in restaurants that serve alcohol by counting those establishments too.

It is not like the "gun control" extremists have not done similar things in the past.

Robert Fowler said...

Since Iowa got shall issue in Jan. we've had maybe 1/2 of a percent of businesses post signs. A couple of businesses here were shown the error of their ways with the efforts of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. We did a e-mail campaign and the signs came down.

They perpetuate these lies because it's all they have.

Thirdpower said...


I honestly think they didn't consciously 'pad' the numbers but just made up the 80% statistic based off of what they WANT to believe. Kind of like when Baghdad Bob declared US forces were being beaten back as we were driving through the city.