Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reasoned Discourse: Really Pathetic Edition (UPDATE II)

New author on Huffpo w/ lots of credentials as a "Public Administration and Policy Consultant; Writer" throws out a few random posts w/ the latest being on gun control. He actually starts receiving more than a handful of comments, most of which hand him his @ss over his regurgitation of the usual talking points.

Then suddenly about 90% of the comments made (over 30) disappear and no further have been approved.

Note to the author. If you're going to jump onto a bandwagon that's already lost three of its wheels, at least know what you're talking about first.

UPDATE: About half the comments have returned. The interim comments/replies by Paul Heroux have been 'removed'. More info forthcoming.

UPDATE II: Some of Heroux's comments have been recovered. It gets even more pathetic:

IOW, he thought he knew more than he actually did, made the mistake of responding, got his @ss handed to him, the 'Reasoned Discourse' kicked in. Just like I called it.

And that's how we 'roll'.

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Old Jarhead said...

I saw that! It is hilarious! The poster OdinsEye was cleaning Heroux's clock, so someone, somewhere, just simply dumped the entire conversation. It is wonderful watching those who claim to be so civilized and intelligent squirm when they can't defend their own positions with logic and facts. What a joke these people are!

R2BA said...

What were his talking points?