Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chicago Range Ban Overturned by 7th Circuit

Decision here.

The ordinance admittedly was designed to make
gun ownership as difficult as possible.
The City has legitimate,
indeed overwhelming, concerns about the prevalence
of gun violence within City limits. But the Supreme Court
has now spoken in Heller and McDonald on the Second
Amendment right to possess a gun in the home for selfdefense
and the City must come to terms with that reality.
Any regulation on firearms ownership must respect that

Reading more, the court realized that the Ordinance was designed to prohibit firearm ownership and to 'thumb their nose' at the SCOTUS and the court responded in kind. W/ the new range requirements already voted on, realizing they were going to lose and for the same reason, this is just going to lead to another round of lawsuits against the city.

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BobG said...

I'm sure they'll come up with some plan to make it almost impossible to own a gun. All they have to do is add more fees/taxes and require all sorts of training and testing to the point where the average person can't afford it.

Weer'd Beard said...

yep that's the whole point of gun control! Not to stop crime or for public safety (Hell just look at the murder and violent crime rates in Chi-town) Its simply to make life more and more miserable for lawful citizens attempting to exercise their rights.

Period, full stop!

thumper said...

In looking at all the effort the legislators have been putting into knee jerk reactions over lost court battles against the ISRA efforts and firearms owners that attempt to remain law abiding. One would expect they might direct some efforts in legislation towards Thugs and Gang bangers. But that venue seems to be missing any efforts from the Chicago governing bodies.
Somethings wrong with that.

Chas said...

"The City has legitimate,
indeed overwhelming, concerns about the prevalence
of gun violence within City limits."

Bullshit! They LOVE their gangbangers and the politically useful violence they produce! That's why they keep them on the street. It's law-abiding gun owners who they hate and abuse by targeting them with gun laws aimed exclusively at them.