Thursday, July 7, 2011

@CSGV Playing the Race Card

Continuing to display their irrelevancy, they continue playing the Race Card to try and demonize their opponents since they can't argue their stance based on facts:
Now actually reading the article, there's nothing about ''race' in there. So why even use the word?

Why? Because they've got nothing else left except for smear tactics. He's also jealous that Nugent actually has some musical talent.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Played the same game with this one!/CSGV/status/89018879837339648

"#NRA board member Ted Nugent chides Millennials for not engaging in political violence with Tea Party."

From the article: "While I personally condemn violence of any kind, I am stunned that they are not participating more in the Tea Party, even rioting in the streets, clashing with the cops, conducting sit-ins at their colleges, interrupting political events and so on. Instead, the young people of this generation appear to be sound asleep"

Pure Smear. Also it makes it sound like the Tea Party is violent. I know the "Progressives" WANT them to be violent, but that doesn't seem to have happened yet.

Ladd couldn't tell the truth on a dare!

Linoge said...

As has always been the case, charges of racism are what "progressives" use when they know they have nothing else to bring to the table... and, more often than not, those charges are based on absolutely nothing at all.

Instead, the progressives are just counting on the shock value from both their intended victim and the onlookers - after all, no one wants to have a charge of racism levied against them, so that immediately puts their intended victim on the defensive... which is what they always intended.

The cute part of all this is that those who are making the claims of racism are typically the most racist - after all, people attack you with what they fear the most.