Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IL FOID Privacy Bill Signed

Quinn actually did something right and signed HB3500 which prevents the release of FOID information which would have created a shopping list for criminals. A shopping list endorsed by the State AG, Lisa Madigan.

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Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "That's an outrage against Marxism! We can't allow private gun owners to have any privacy! Privacy is supposed to be a privilege only for our friends! The lack of privacy is a punishment that we impose on our enemies, so private gun owners aren't supposed to have any! How are we supposed to punish private gun owners if we don't know who they are? We can't keep them out of apartments, or deny them jobs, or cause them any number of other setbacks in life if we don't have a list of who they are! It's just not common communist sense to allow privacy for private gun owners!"

alcade said...

You're not surprised, are you? Of course he signed the bill, if not then we'd see just how many anti-gun politicians and community activists have FOID cards. Hell, how many of the Chicago city council are deputized so they can carry concealed?

I suspect we'd have found some very interesting names on that list.

Cormac said...

It might have also encouraged a lot of people to get on that list!

If I'm looking for a place to break into, I'm probably gonna cross-reference and try to figure out where I'm most likely to develop a new breathing-hole...