Monday, June 6, 2011

Talking Off Script

Sometimes gun control advocates make our lives easy. Just a few weeks ago, I got the Brady Campaign's current poster-child, Colin Goddard, to admit that he disagreed w/ the outright opposition of his organization to Concealed Carry while at the same time he was out stumping for them. Nice little bit of conflict there.

Today we again got him talking off-script after he promoted the Al Qaeda 'fully-automatic assault rifles at gun shows' video. I asked him if he endorsed that belief:
No, but assault rifles with full auto conversion kits + manuals can be bought w/o background checks.
Well never mind the 'assault rifles' gaff, I mentioned that real 'conversion kits' are regulated by the BATFE just like machineguns. He tried to move the goalposts:
I watched my buddy buy an AK-47 w/o a background check in Dayton, OH, same again in Richmond, VA
And I found conversion kits and manuals so commonly I honestly forgot where.
After reminding him it wasn't an 'AK-47, I asked him where these 'kits' were:
Glad the "real" ones are regulated! Tough to find an example of "fakes" b/c transactions go without paperwork
Well Linoge jumped in and asked him why there weren't tons of illegal machinegun convictions each year if they were so 'common'. He tried to move the goalposts again:
But right, we don't see "arrests-headlines galore" - could that mean registration systems works?
Well I couldn't let that one pass by:
@clgoddard @BrisketChuckle @linoge_wotc But you just said the kits are unregulated so there should be conversions galore. Where are they?
After flailing around a bit more when asked where all these kits were, his final response was this:
they're not advertized online but on tables at gun show
That's right. Super secret products sold ONLY at gun shows put on exclusively for Akmed the Dead Terrorist and his friends to come and blow up Americans for NRA profits.

I'll be honest. I've seen those 'conversion kits' and 'manuals'. At best, they are do-hickeys designed to bump-fire the gun. At worst, they're more likely to be death traps to the operator of said 'converted' gun than to have it firing full auto.

But Colin doesn't know the difference of any of it. Once he gets off the controlled scripts provided to him at press conferences, he's completely lost and he comes across as just a pretty face w/ a sad story, reliant exclusively on talking points and sound bites, all of which we've demolished before.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I love it when the other side's spokespeople don't know what the hell they're talking about.

That, of course, means I'm happy much of the time.

LC Scotty said...

At least he didn't bite on the link I sent him on converting paintball AK-47 semi to full auto. That would have been classic.

Pyrotek85 said...

What the heck is their hang up on full auto anyways? It's not like it's hard to pull the trigger quickly. Not only is he spending time blabbering about something that isn't true, it wouldn't be any more of a (non)issue that other semi-auto guns are.

Weer'd Beard said...

The best part is that of all the NFA items full-auto guns are the ONLY ones that aren't simply the "numbers game"

I mean what's the big difference between a 16" and 18" Shotgun? a 16" and a 15" rifle. A AA-12 and a Mossberg 590?

OK suppressors also do make a difference when mounted on a gun...but less dangerous to hearing a public peace, and less concealable and still loud enough to hear, that point is moot.

Still a gun that fires multiple times when you yank the boom-switch does behave differently than a semi-auto (and IMHO for a shoulder-fired or hand-held weapon its less useful)

Still the Brady's and the Joyce Puppets fell over themselves in the 90s to get people to think AR-15s and Mak90s et al were full-auto weapons. Later Helmke made a total fool of himself pushing the "Finger Twitch" nonsense which nobody bought anyway.

What they want is to scare the easily frightened, and somebody buying a WASR-10 for $500 from somebody wandering the gun show floor, or on an online forum (I met the buyer of my WASR on a forum) and then quickly dropping in some parts or "Filing Down the Firing Pin", the easier and quicker the better....then spray firing a 30-round mag at assorted cinder-blocks and water melons...and given that these assholes can't shoot and are unsafe, a good dozen rounds over the berm into a low-income housing project (MORE "Gun Death"! WIN WIN!) they would have something to say.

Instead its like that dorky kid we all knew in school who claimed to have banged this totally hot chick at summer camp... before she moved back to Europe with her family...and no he doesn't want to talk about the details, but he totally "sexed her".

Collin, your nose is growing!

Linoge said...

To be fair, I did not ask him about convictions, only to provide examples of the "common" conversion kits he was talking about.

Obviously he tried - and failed - to duck and weave his way out of that one, most hilariously with the whole, "They are only available at gun shows" line.

Weer'd Beard said...

He's been to a bunch of gun shows, that's how he got his start with his current employer.

There are gun shows just about every weekend in just about every general area.

If he WASN'T lying he could get an expense account to take a field trip and collect a few samples.

...but he is lying.

Pyrotek85 said...


"Still a gun that fires multiple times when you yank the boom-switch does behave differently than a semi-auto (and IMHO for a shoulder-fired or hand-held weapon its less useful)"

Agreed, they're 'scarier' but practically speaking probably less dangerous. Personally I'd be more worried about multiple DC sniper style terrorists who actually aim and shoot from a place of concealment.

We also have to remember, most of these people think this is like Hollywood where they have unlimited ammo without carrying any extra magazines (unless a mag change is convenient for the plot), when in reality a full auto AK or AR will empty its magazine in 3 seconds or so.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep somebody is shooting Full-auto, unless they're REALLY proficient, they're just going to be reloading, and that's when I'll make my move.