Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can't Control the Weiner

Rep Weiner (D-NY9)tweeted pics of his schlong then lied about it when it went viral.

Well this Brady Campaign Endorsed Representative is pretty typical of those who endorse gun control, he can't control himself so he projects his own shortcomings onto others, thinking they are as unable to contain themselves as he is.

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Sean said...

I dunno, you make a rather limp argument. *ba-boom pop*

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Chris "Furrowing Up My Leg" Matthews wonders if maybe we can blame Weiner's wife for his behavior.

kaveman said...

Dick jokes aren't just for gun owners anymore.

Chas said...

I'd probably be on the net posting crotch pics too if I had to wonder every lonely night if my wife overseas was sleeping with a "tough guy" (as she's been called) like Hillary Clinton. That's got to be a serious ball buster for a man to have to deal with as he sits alone at night wondering what his wife is doing in the company of a hard woman like Hillary Clinton. Hillary is famous for angrily denying that the idea that she baked cookies, but she’s never displayed the same attitude towards the idea of eating pussy.
I think Weiner may be getting used as a "husband" by Houma to cover a romantic and intimate relationship that she's been having with Hillary. There have been rumors to that effect.
He's such an unappealing wuss that she could have wrapped him around her finger with just a BJ. She's a beauty who has posed in Vogue; he looks like a drowned rat and acts like one too. Despite his being a Congressman, he wasn't very successful with those women on the net either. A real man, who was actually capable of improperly taking advantage of being a Congressman, would have had many RL mistresses and they would be loyal to him. Weiner is just a nasty, skinny creep and women know it, but what has Houma been up to? What's the truth behind the story that the liberal media is eager to ignore? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)