Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still Relying on Ignorance

Now that the gun control groups have been laughed at for endorsing the AQ video's claims of 'fully-automatic assault rifles' being available at every gun show, they're switching their claims.

Just like Colin Goddard did yesterday, they're jumping on the 'conversion kit' bandwagon, trying to convince people that it's as easy as filing down a part or installing some new ones.
Conversion manuals are easily found online and a General Accountability Office investigation found that investigators were able to obtain all of the parts necessary to convert a semi-automatic AR-15 to a fully automatic M-16 at gun shows in five states.
All the sources are of course paid gun control advocacy groups, not the GAO direct. So we again return to the fact that they are either flat out lying and/or relying on outright ignorance of the public to make their claims.

And we'll keep asking, if these 'conversion kits' are so common, cheap, and easy, where are all the crimes committed w/ illegally converted firearms? Where are the arrests?

Oh, right, there are near zero because, like I said yesterday:
At best, they are do-hickeys designed to bump-fire the gun. At worst, they're more likely to be death traps to the operator of said 'converted' gun than to have it firing full auto.
Real conversion kits are regulated by the BATFE the same as machineguns and getting some parts means you have some parts, modifying the weapon takes precision machining that if done improperly will make it more dangerous to the operator than the target.

But gun control advocates don't want to hear that. They need the ignorance to pass their laws.

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David Lawson said...

I hope to have the transcript up soon, but at the Chicago Administrative hearing for the denial of registration for my fixed-magazine SKS rifles, the CPD Officer testified that not only do they have 'detachable' magazines because they aren't welded to the frame, but they are easily converted to full-auto with a drop in sear.

Thirdpower said...

I didn't even think of the SKS. Just one more of my collection I can't bring into Cook.

David Lawson said...

Fixed magazine SKS is legal under Cook Cty law.

kaveman said...

Looks like Sam Stein on HuffPo has been talking to Colin...


Check the update at the bottom.

Linoge said...

Well, I would have said that Colin was simply throwing crap at a wall and seeing what stuck, but apparently he was not even paying attention to the end of his experiment.

This is Fear Mongering 101: even if the fear you are trying to infect people with has no basis in reality whatsoever, if you repeat it often enough, some of it will take roots.