Monday, June 6, 2011

Relying on Ignorance

All the gun control groups are touting the recent AQ video telling terrorists to go buy machine guns at your local gun show.

Anyone who knows anything about firearms knows this is complete nonsense so, after we laughed at them a bit, they started modifying the message, not mentioning the 'fully auto assault rifle' bit and just pushing the 'gun show loophole' and terrorists in the same breath.

So the demographic they're going for is the ignorant and the fearful. They convince their membership that these things are true then try and get them to talk to other people who don't know anything about gun shows or firearms, scaring them in the process.

They count on their people to NOT look up the actual sources (case law, legislation, etc) and continue to rely on soundbites and misinformation put out by their groups and their groups alone. To dismiss anything that disagrees w/ their worldview by invoking the "NRA" boogeyman.

And they repeat the lies over and over and over. Relying on the tactics of cults to keep their members ignorant and fearful.

It's the only way they can spread their message.

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Dannytheman said...

But they have fooled everybody already, and no one is listening anymore!! The money is almost gone!

Linoge said...

The anti-rights movements - all of them, throughout history - have invariably depended upon the continuing ignorance of their supporters. After all, fear, uncertainty, and doubt can only safely exist within the careful confines of militant, enforced lack of knowledge... of understanding... of information.

As soon as people start learning the honest facts, they are faced with a choice - accept those facts, and understand that rights are rights and not to be abridged simply due to people's fears, or become full-blooded cultists, willfully infringing upon people's lives and liberties.

Obviously, the number of people who would make the latter choice are small, relatively speaking, so why give anyone the opportunity to choose, right?

Weer'd Beard said...

Good point, I missed that in my last post. If AQ wanted to inspire their sleeper cell members, or lone-wolf sympathizers of Jihad...why would they feed them bogus information?

Nope AQ is talking directly to Brady and Joyce.

Chas said...

Adam Gadhan of Al Qaeda wants Muslims with guns to start murdering Americans and Michael Bloomberg of MAIG wants Americans disarmed of their guns to enable their being murdered.
The enemies of America's freedom are working hand in hand with each other.
The gun control groups are eager to function as Al Qaeda's enablers so that they and their gun ban agenda can reap the political benefit from the resulting body count.
However, the reality of this is that Americans now have a very clear reason for CCW. It's as clear as the image of Adam Gadhan's face as he calls for us to be murdered.
If an American Muslim does heed Gadhan's call for murderous jihad, the only effective response to that, at the only moment when a response can make a difference, will be accurate return fire. The gun control groups are working as hard as they can to make that response impossible.
Adam Gadhan needs to take a trip to Davey Jones’ Locker, and the anti-rights groups need to be fined and imprisoned for conspiring to imperil our lives by conspiring against our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. We have enemies foreign and domestic, and we should address both, since their efforts against us are complimentary.