Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why IL Gov. Quinn Opposes Concealed Carry

Pure unadulterated Pants Sh!tting Hysterics.

Listen for yourself then call your legislators.

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Anonymous said...

Quinn, like all gun-contol advocates, is a bigot. Or should I say an idiot. It is no wonder Illinois is losing citizens. The entire state is stuck in a 1960s mentality. I will be leaving Illinois just as quickly as I can afford it. Hopefully, for good.

yas said...

Do you think the 5 women at Lane Bryant would have felt carrying a handgun would have increased their danger?

Anonymous said...

I think it very interesting how gun-control advocates and politicians like Quinn distrust law-abiding citizens. They appear to think that otherwise normal people will become homicidal if allowed to carry a handgun.

This also seems to make the assumption that the gang-bangers currently carrying are less dangerous.

It would be nice if Mr. Quinn and others advocating illegal Second Amendment restrictions concerning the legal use of firearms would concentrate on the illegal use of these weapons.

Mr. Quinn seems to think possession by the criminal element is OK because nothing is done to stop crime.

Dannytheman said...

Yup, blood in the ???? supermarkets?!?!...Happens all the time, read all about it in the 40 other States that allow carry. QUINN, you are a friggin nanny centric idiot! When I bump into a person in a crowded supermarket, I say, "Excuse me"!