Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Illinois Gets 35/100 from Brady Campaign

They've changed their 'scorecard' to give Illinois an extra 7 points compared to last year since no new laws have been passed. Whatever's current in the news apparently.

From a cursory glance, it seems to have raised their 'strong' states a hair (the 'strongest' being an 80/100 CA) and lowering their 'weak' states. At least two now are at Zero points.

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Tan said...

Utah was at 0 and still is! WOOOO!

Tango said...

Grrr... stupid Google. Tan should have been Tango.

alcade said...

Interesting that they're awarding points to states that don't pass new pro gun laws rather than states that pass anti gun laws.

I suppose they'll take what they can get.

Ken said...

They also conveniently leave DC out of the rankings. DC would probably get close to 100, but is infamous due to the Heller decision and would give the Bradys' game away.