Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Us' vs 'Them'

Amidst all the spouting from gun control advocates that they 'want to talk', when Cameron Grey of NRA news came out of the convention to actually talk, they called him an 'NRA whore' and worse.

When Ladd Everitt, Comm Director of the CSGV, talked about 'gun violence' at a rally in DC, he claimed that the NRA and the entire firearms industry are deliberately arming criminals for 'profits'.

There is no talking to these people. They are fanatics. But that's OK. They 'care'.

And what's with the video? Trying to hide how few people there were?

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Dannytheman said...

Us? 72,000 folks show up in Pittsburgh with little to no parking. 4.5 million paying patriots

Them? Crickets and less than 10K members.

Why we acknowledge them at all is beyond me.

kaveman said...

One thing I've noticed lately is that all of their videos end just before the applause.

That way you can't tell how many people are in the audience.

LC Scotty said...

Did you think those big black bars on either side of the vid were an accident, kaveman?

Chas said...

"...he claimed that the NRA and the entire firearms industry are deliberately arming criminals for 'profits'."

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course they do it for profits! They're capitalists! That's why we have to nationalize the firearms industy! Then criminals will be armed unintentionally instead of for profits. Ha! Ha! All your motivation is belong to us! And we're construing it against you as much as we can! Ha! Ha!"

alcade said...

And every time someone is shot that means somebody has made a profit... ?

Really Ladd? Well whether you use your gun for target shooting or robbing a bank, the profit is the same. And it only takes one bullet to kill someone, whereas a target shooter will spend money on thousands of rounds during his lifetime.

Yeah, selling guns to criminals for high profits is really their business plan.

One thing additionally, at 0:50 when he announces that he just had a child born, did anyone else notice that there were no applause? Not even a peep. Can you imagine announcing in a room full of gun owners that you just had your first child?

Anonymous said...

"Every time someone is shot in this city, there are people who profit from that injury, there are people who profit from that death."


Justin said...

Do you have a source for the bit you posted about Cameron Grey?

Is there video of the incident, because that would be tremendously awesome.

Thirdpower said...


It was on NRANews that I heard about it.