Monday, May 23, 2011

More Book Review Astroturf

A third of the 5 star reviews for Dennis Henigan's (of the Brady Campaign) book were by professional gun control advocates who didn't reveal their connections.

Linoge takes a look at the 5 star reviews for Josh Horwitz's (of the CSGV) support for a police state.
Four reviewers have only written one review (this one), one reviewer has written two (his only other review is for “Lethal Logic” and he self-identifies as a State Chapter President for the “Million” Mom March), four reviewers have written three, one reviewer has written ten, and four reviewers are known anti-rights cultists (specifically Dennis A. Henigan, Ladd Everitt, David Hemenway, and Andrew L. Goddard, who do not identify their affiliation with the book’s author or supporting organization).
This doesn't really come as a surprise. They have no 'grassroots' so need to pretend that the public supports them. I bet if he looked into a few of the other less obvious names we'ld find other gun control leadership as well.

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Linoge said...

I will confess I did not look them all up, but the smattering of unknowns I Googled did not seem to have any overt ties to gun control.

'Course, it would surprise me if the one-review folks had any overt ties to anything...

BobG said...

There's enough astroturf there for a football stadium...