Thursday, May 26, 2011

For Sale w/ No Background Check

I'm waiting for Ford to be blamed for arming cartels as well. I mean you can buy an F-150 F-350 w/ no background check in a private sale in any state in the US.

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My Gun Culture said...

Dangit! Are car shows going to be banned next? That's the only place I go to buy cars I want to use for illegal purposes. Can't a decent crook get a break anymore?

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Time to look into an Unorganized Militia Armored Cavalry unit?

Anonymous said...

That's an F-150?

I think they've exceeded the Max Gross Vehicle Weight.

alcade said...

That's not necessarily true. I bought a Ford about a month ago, and we had to submit all sorts of personally identifying information per orders of the almighty government.

They've pretty much taken over the banking industry as well. My wife is a teller and they will no longer open accounts for anyone who does not supply ID and social security number. Gotta make sure terrorists aren't trying to get a debit card.

I'm sure everyone feels safer knowing this.

Anonymous said...

Next on the government's agenda is strictly regulating forums such as this one. Of course, it will fall under the guise of it being best for public safety. The real goal, however, like Second Amendment restrictions, is to control the "People" and expand political power.