Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Shooty Fun

Since I couldn't make it to the LuckyGunner Shoot, I took the Fourth-powers Alpha & Beta out for some firearm fun and safety training.

Kel-Tec P-32. Perfect for their hands.

Then we broke out the SKS w/ some Daddy support.

We all had a good time. A few safety violations but they were turned into learning experiences. I need to get myself and them out much more often.

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kaveman said...

Tell me about it.

I'm still working with my nephew about keepng his booger hook off the bang switch until ready to fire.

I honestly don't remember my Father ever having to tell me that more than once. He told me that if I didn't follow his instruction, I would not be allowed to even touch His guns.

GrandFathers told me the same thing. Long story short...I wanted to shoot those damn things and I obeyed the rules necessary to accomplish that goal.

Thirdpower said...

They're actually good w/ that part. It's the sweeping we have issues w/.

kaveman said...

Sweeping problems?

GrandFather solved that. The only one allowed to aim a firearm is one who can't see anyone else(the one in front).

We always hunted in groups of two or three. Only the front man could aim.

If the "backers" saw game, their job was to inform the front man.

Target practice is no different.

FWIW, Train them in a controlled environment, but add the extra sugar that will keep them safe in a SHT scenario.

Stephen said...

Cool! How old are they?

Thirdpower said...

The monsters are 7. I let them shoot a real gun on their B-day.