Monday, January 24, 2011

What if?

Some old wise fart once said, “Don’t listen to ones’ words, look at their actions.”

Words I live by, but lately I’ve been wondering if this is just a stepping stone to true recognition of what your senses feed you.

I listen to what they say. I see what they do. And then I’m confronted with the RESULTS of what they say AND do.

I’m kinda struggling with the possibility that the Brady Bunch, the VPC, the CSGV, MAIG and that other group whose anus provides sustenance to Bryan Miller might actually be NRA front groups.

Hear me out. Ya, I’ve had a few drinks, but I’ve been thinking about this since the time that I only had 30 guns. What if they’re stupid by design?

This whole shooting in Tucson has brought the cream to the top in all these groups and the old school media, which might be NRA front groups as well. Vodka taste gooooooood.

I know it sounds crazy, but I also know that the 1994 AWB was the best thing to ever happen to our movement…in retrospect.

It’s like chess…let your opponent take some valuable pieces and let them feel like they have the upper hand and then spank their Queen , rape their Bishops, storm their Castles, beat their Horses and watch their pawns scatter.

Prior to the AWB, manufacturers increased production of EBRs and imported MILLIONS of so-called “hi-cap” mags. The prices increased and we all stood in line to scoop them up. For 10 years after, we stood in line and scooped. Then after the sunset, the bastards kept prices artificially high and we scooped. Then the prices fell and we scooped yet again.

Gee, what’s happening now?

The antis have been saying for 25 years that CCW laws would increase crime. It has dropped.
The antis said National Park Carry would lead to dead Rangers…meh, not so much.
The antis said Starbuck Baristas would be murdered over luke-warm mochas.
The antis said Heller would increase murder in D.C., it has dropped.
The antis said McDonald would increase murder in Chicago, it has dropped.
The antis said that the 2A was only for State Militias prior to Heller and McDonald.

These so-called anti 2A groups have been so chock full of fail, I have to wonder if an organization dating back to 1871 doesn’t have some form of secret-society foresight and created them out of whole cloth for us to engage in the political arena.

If you made it past all that, I should probably tell you that this post is total and complete satire, but………………………………............

The antis all have their wet knickers in a bunch saying that the NRA has bought off the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, the Judicial branch, the FBI, the ATF and the majority of the American People.

If they truly do believe that the NRA is that powerful, that prevalent and that pervasive, then shouldn’t they be looking over their own shoulders?

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Anonymous said...

What brand of vodka is that. I want some...

Dannytheman said...

You definitely need to to drink more!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Michael Moore is a lifetime member of the NRA. I guess he's just supposed to LOOK like someone from their side trying to infiltrate our meetings and learn our secret handshake, but in reality, he was a deep cover mole all along! It all makes sense! It's all 'double-secret probation' type thinking to confuse and confound the enemies of freedom.

Anonymous said...

"If you made it past all that, I should probably tell you that this post is total and complete satire"

And here I thought it was the booze talking 8-)

Stephen said...

In vino veritas

alcade said...

You gotta figure, they're fighting out of their weight class. As someone else said, we preach guns in our spare time and free of charge.

What do the antis do? Do they call each other up and say "Hey, lets NOT go shooting?" Do they sit around for hours talking to their friends about guns they want to buy one day? Do they give NOT-guns as gifts? Do they have our country's heritage on their side? Do they have history on their side?

I agree completely, the Brady's and their ilk are the best thing that ever happened to the second amendment.

AuricTech said...

Well, there is Robert Conquest's Third Law of Politics to consider:

"The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies."