Monday, January 24, 2011

Rahm Emanual Off Chicago Ballot for Mayor

Extreme gun banner and front runner for the election as the next mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanual has been removed from the running as a non-resident.
(Reuters) - An Illinois state appeals court on Monday threw the Chicago mayor's race into turmoil by ruling that front-runner and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel did not qualify for the February ballot.
Of course he'll appeal and most of the other candidates are also a bunch of gun grabbers but I REALLY don't like him so....

Yeah. Go stuff it up your ballot box Rahm. My dead grandma' won't be voting for you.

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FatWhiteMan said...

"My dead grandma' won't be voting for you."


Caught me off-guard and made my day.

Chas said...

And I was thinking that the law only applied to "the little people".
Well, I'm no damned munchkin and Rahmmie the Commie isn't running for mayor.

Hat Trick said...

Made my day when I heard about it. Now we'll have to see if the Illinois Supreme Court upholds it.

I hope they do and also hope that it sinks his political career.

Garry said...

Goodbye RE! We'll miss you ;-(