Monday, January 24, 2011

Anyone else notice?

The MSM is very very good at using the language of "alleged shooter" and "suspected gunman" when referring to Jared Loughner.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Due Process; I just find it odd that these same turds have absolutely no problem flushing the 2nd Amendment down the crapper for folks like me, who isn't even ALLEGED of doing anything other than exercising my Constitutional Rights.

Some Rights must be more equal than others.

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Robb Allen said...

Not only do they refer to him as the 'alleged' shooter, but the guy with the CCW?

Absolutely guilty when it comes to almost murdering the guy who picked up the lunatic's gun!

Notice how the media will always "allege" for the criminal, but never have any issues with smearing those who shoot in self defense. There's never anything like "The homeowner allegedly shot the alleged robber".

Weer'd Beard said...

Well he DID shoot a pro gun congresswoman and Judge.

"Mission Accomplished Joyce Foundation"

: )

jinksto said...

Nope, for us it's "not yet convicted" As in, "The not yet convicted homeowner shot the alleged robber"