Monday, January 24, 2011

High Velocity 'CLIPS'??? Huh?

That's a statement made in relation to the recent spate of police shootings across the nation:
“Many of these criminals are outgunning our police officers. We’re seeing criminals with high-velocity clips on their guns.”
WTF is a 'High Velocity Clip'? Some sort of fancy speedloader? Seriously folks. Learn what the hell you're talking about before you open your pie hole. This is about the same as the 'Heat Seeking Incendiary Bullets' claim from another NY politician.

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Anonymous said...

The crooks must be using Garands! [i]ping![/i]

Linoge said...

As I have always thought, anti-rights buzz phrases are nothing more than various "scary" words stuck together, no matter how idiotic that particular arrangement might be. Unfortunately, the average schmuck on the street has no idea, so the emotional weight of the words matters more than their actual meanings.

Alinsky would be proud.

FatWhiteMan said...

How can you tell if they are low or high velocity clips? I keep throwing them at my chronograph but nothing happens.

ExurbanKevin said...

I liked playing Madlibs when I was twelve or so, but most of left that game behind in our teens.

Apparently, mainstream media reporters still use it to help with their firearms-related stories.

Stuart the Viking said...

The article about the number of law enforcement officers killed by gunfire in the line of duty would have been a decent article if the writer hadn't injected his own personal gun phobia into it. That is assuming that the numbers aren't made up out of whole cloth. My problem is, how do I believe the facts in the article when the author is perfectly willing to make-up out of whole cloth the existance of a 'High Velocity Clip'. Whatever that might be. I'm a gun nerd. I'm sure if there was such a thing, I would know about it.


SpeakerTweaker said...

"Heat-Seeking Incendiary Bullets" sounds like a cool name for a band. Dibs!

Also, it sounds like having a serious case of recto-cranial inversion. NY politicians clearly have the market cornered there.


chiefjaybob said...

I can't believe your ignorance here. A high velocity clip is ABSOLUTELY necessary to produce an evil assault rifle weapon of mass destruction. It must be properly combined with the shoulder thing that goes up. Honestly. Where did you learn about firearms?!!?!?!!!?!!111

Anonymous said...

I have nuclear tipped high velocity clips that come in hunter orange so they look like toys...