Saturday, January 15, 2011

"our sick gun culture" ?

That's a phrase our flavor of the day uses several times in response to op ed's in papers. His goal, he claims, is to "put better restrictions on gun access".

So far the 'New Trajectory' is the same misfires we've seen from other gun control advocates. He's repeated the Kellerman "22x more likely" myth, has no idea about the connections for his own organization that he's promoting, and relies exclusively on gun control org. produced 'statistics'.

His real motives and beliefs come clear in his earlier posts:
No home with children should have a gun, even if it's locked up
This is what he has to say about the NRA:
If you disagree with Mr. LaPierre and others who run organizations that support violence,
Yep. What we're seeing is another Anti who knows little to nothing about firearms and can't (or chooses not to) distinguish between the 'Gun Culture' and the Criminal culture. He encourages ignorance and the fear of firearms in his children. I educate mine.

He brings up a case of some kids 'accidentally' shooting one of their friends. Take a look at these kids of the same age at an Appleseed event. Guess which ones are less likely to pick up a gun, point it at someone and start pulling the trigger for 'fun'?

If he really wants to ' find common ground', then maybe he should have started by not opening w/ direct attacks on firearm owners.

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Dannytheman said...

I truly do not think we should even recognise them. They are all the same and drink from the same watering hole. We give them more hits and info than they deserve. They take our positions and then spin them against us.

We should just ignore them and lower their Internet presence. We are right and they are wrong, it is not rocket science. we continue to educate and they refuse to learn.

John Richardson said...

There is only one cure for my gun sickness and that would be a new 1911.

Linoge said...

And, as usual with anti-rights nuts, when I pointed out his false sincerity, lack of respect for my individual rights, and overall (but unvocalized) end goal, he accused me of making "derogatory assumptions" and not wanting to reach an "understanding" with him.

To be frank, no shit - I have no desires to reach any more of an "understanding" with people who want to deny me my rights than I have right now, and I have no particular motivations to do so either. Time for them to start realizing that.

Groundhog said...

You mention this partial quote:

"This is what he has to say about the NRA:

If you disagree with Mr. LaPierre and others who run organizations that support violence,"

I'm not sure what the rest of it was since I don't read the guy or want to but does he really want to drag "organizations that support violence" into the debate? I'm pretty sure every contact sport ever invented falls into that category. So does the military, police, etc. Pretty sure everything but Smurfs must be outlawed if we go that route. Although I must admit, Smurf imagery does tend to make me violent sometimes so it may not be safe either!

Anonymous said...
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Thirdpower said...

Anonymous: While I understand your sentiment, I will not allow threats of bodily harm on DOOT.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course the gun culture is sick! People who love freedom are insane! Authoritarian Marxism is the only way to go, and the individual, private, firearms owner is the biggest obstacle to getting totalitarianism in place in America! If it wasn't for the NRA, we Marxists would own this country! Gun owners are the disease and communism is the cure! We'll be sending them to the gulag just as fast as we can felonize them! The ten-shot magazine ban and the 1000 foot gun ban will help move us towards that goal! The keeping and bearing of arms is not a right, it's an affront to the authority of the Marxist state and should be subject to the death penalty! All your keeping and bearing is belong to us! Ha! Ha!"
"(Sorry for all the exclamation points, but we radical Marxists aren’t known for our lack of enthusiasm - it‘s a lot of fun conspiring to take over the world and oppress people! We really get off on it!)"