Saturday, January 15, 2011

Measured response


Now go away or I shall say heh again.

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Cormac said...

So...this guy dives to "play dead," decides that he's not going to help anybody (despite the number of people more seriously wounded), leaves to drive himself to the hospital (didn't want to wait for EMT triage, perhaps?), and now he's threatening the lives of people whose only offense was to ask people to cool off before trying to strip away his freedom?

I sincerely hope that 99% of this guy's behavior is a result of what he's been through...but that just shows that the request to cool off before gettin all legislatey was on point.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "It's Palin's fault! She created the atmosphere of overheated rhetoric! Granted, that's a thin rationalization for the behavior of one of our own, but with the 'air cover' we're getting from our MSM providing us with 'air superiority' in this battle, we can get away with it."
"I can hear my commie compadre, Babs Walters, now, 'Aren't Mr. Fuller's remarks just one more item in the context of all the overheated rhetoric that we've been hearing, mostly from one side of the debate?'"
"It's good to have friends in high places."