Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Illinois Tax Increase

Well the idiots in Springfield did it. They passed a 'temporary' tax increase w/o making ANY cuts in the budget. Oh, but if they spend to much, it will be canceled. Yeah, right. Until they pass another bill that revokes that part of it and it becomes permanent

Now more businesses will leave and the avg. person will have less money to spend.

Next, once people's wallets start emptying more, there will be another call for a minimum wage increase, prices will go up and the dominoes will continue.

Good job Chicago and all those that voted for Quinn. This is what you wanted. I hope you like the taste of ashes.

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Old Jarhead said...

Just heard on the radio when I was headed home. Even the CHICAGO TRIBUNE is hammering the legislature for doing this. Haven't read the story, but if true, it explains a lot about Chicago's state government. Not Illinois', just Chicago's.

dustydog said...

Hush your mouth! Don't you know that the government turns every dollar of taxation into hundreds of dollars. Illinois will create or save billions of jobs with this new tax.

mikew said...

It's my understanding that the cities get none of this money, not directly, anyway.