Sunday, January 9, 2011

AZ Judge Roll

While much is being discussed about the Congresswoman shot in yesterday's tragedy, not much has been said about the other victims. Here's some info on Judge Roll from a reader:
The judge killed in yesterday's Tuscon shooting was Judge Roll, who was the district judge that ruled in the Sheriff's favor in the Mack v US ... later consolidated with the Printz case out of Montana in SCOTUS as Printz v US, striking down portions of the Brady Bill --- SCOTUS reversed the 9th Circuit and upheld the decision of Roll regarding the constitutionality of that portion of the Brady act requiring the CLEO of each county to do background checks.

The SCOTUS case

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1 comment:

alcade said...

I've been following the commentary on this from your HuffPo links. Having just created an account there, I found firsthand just how accurate your accusations were regarding their "moderaters." I posted several comments with links to studies to back up my opinions, but they never seem to see the light of day. Also, no less than three times did I point out that one of the shooter's favorite books was the Communist Manifesto, as listed on his facebook page.

Their hypocrisy is pretty pathetic.