Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nothing Comparable

It's been regularly discussed that the PuSH'ers have nothing comparable to the social networks firearm enthusiasts develop (ie no anti-gun shops, no anti-gun shows, etc.) They also have nothing comparable to the fun and education encountered at a Youth Day at a range.

How many of those kids do you think are going to give up shooting because PuSH'ers like the Brady Campaign tell them they're going to shoot themselves?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear


Bob S. said...


Thanks for the link.

Did you see the grin on the kid's face in the next to last picture in the bench rest series?

Do you think that he is going to believe the antis when they say "firearms are only used for killing"?

Do you think the moms and dads who saw their kids busting clays are going to believe there is no sporting purpose for firearms?

I am so proud to be involved in an organization that takes so much time, energy and money to put on an event like the Youth Day.

The smiles on the faces were worth the hours, let me tell you.

Linoge said...

It has always confused me how anti-rights nuts measure their success... We measure it based off the rights we protect and expand - they measure it off the rights they abridge and destroy. We measure it based off the lives saved and families defended - they measure it off the lives lost and families destroyed. We measure it off people empowered to defend themselves - they measure it off people broken and turned into sheep, dependent on "the government" or "police".

And yet they will incessantly bray, until hoarse in the throat, that they are in the right. That just does not track.