Friday, April 30, 2010

Daley Gun BuyBack Short of Funds

While calling for people to turn in their guns that they aren't supposed to have because they are banned, turns out support for these are pretty low on the list when it comes to tight economic times:

But the Chicago Sun-Times reported there are worries about funding the gun turn-in program. Former police Supt. Terry Hillard, who is the chairman for the fundraising drive, told the newspaper only $50,000 has been raised to bankroll the program, which would only be enough to cover 666 pre-paid MasterCards.

Poor Daley. He really needs a vacation.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear


RuffRidr said...

They must be running low on morons willing to be parted from their money.

Anonymous said...

666. Does anyone see the funny in there?

barbarian said...

"Since 2006, six gun turn-in programs bankrolled by corporate donors have together taken nearly 19,000 illegal guns off the streets".
So those 19 thousand "illegal guns", are the gun buyback programs simply handy fences for stolen property, an easy way to dispose of crime weapons, or just how exactly is the illegality of a weapon determined, or is it illegal merely by virtue of existing. I am just curious. If they are in fact illegal, wouldn't criminal prosecution of holders of illegal weapons be a better idea than what seems to me to be providing money for the commission of a crime?

Stan said...

If Daley wants to get "illegal" guns off the street so badly why isn't he providing some of his millions to such a noble cause?