Thursday, April 29, 2010


Under the auspice of another ineffective 'gun buyback', Chicago Mayor Daley has announced his real intentions:

“I wish the President would call upon people to turn in their guns. I wish the governor would do that —all elected officials — and say, ‘Guns destroy people.’ ’’

Today it's voluntary. Daley wants to make it mandatory.

As an aside, these are the kind of 'guns' that are being turned in.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear


Anonymous said...

Sure, Dick, guns destroy people - which is obviously why you have absolutely no intention of having the military or police turn their firearms over.

Tell you what, Dick - you have your bodyguard surrender their arms, and I might consider selling you mine at a fair market value.

Said consideration is not likely to get far, but them's the breaks.

The Duck said...

I have too many to haul in, guess they will have to come pick them up ;=}

kaveman said...

"This year, the bounty is back up to $75 per gun and remains at $100 for every assault weapon and $10 for each BB gun, air gun or gun replica."

Damn, I might have to go to the next gun show and send you some stuff to unload. There's usually a guy who has replica spring pellet guns for $3 apiece.

We could make a little cash and bankrupt the city!!!

hazmat said...

Sure, he can have mine, but he'll have to take the ammunition first though.

Weer'd Beard said...

another quote for the "Who said we're after your guns?" file.

kaveman said...

Turn in my guns?

What guns?

All I have are money to noise conversion units.