Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Defacto Bans

In 1968, Chicago and Washington DC passed ordinances requiring the registration of all firearms.

In 1976, Washington DC prohibited the registration of any new handguns.

In 1982, Chicago followed suit.

Defacto bans on handguns.

In Illinois, a firearm owner is required to obtain a FOID card from the state. The state, by law, has 30 days to issue or deny the license.

Several times in the last few years, the ISP has 'delayed' issuing of FOID's up to 6 months, ending only when a public outcry was raised and multiple state legislators started questioning them.

(Potential) Defacto ban on firearms.

The state of Massachusetts requires 'private sellers' to fill out and send into the authorities a form FA-10 to legally transfer a firearm.

According to GOAL, the vendor who owns the rights to the form will no longer supply said form and the state has no idea when a new version will be available.

Defacto ban on private transfers.

So tell me, what reason do firearm owners have that the 'reasonable, common-sense' laws that 'gun control' advocates want won't continue to be expanded and/or abused?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear


Weer'd Beard said...

Thanks for the link. This issue is really upsetting me.

I'll also point out the FA-10 form is also the registration form for guns purchased outside of the Mass FFL system. This includes long arms bought out-of-state from FFLs, as well as C&R FFL purchases.

You have to involve a Mass 01FFL involved in ALL of these transactions, or be in possession of a unregistered firearm, and all the penalties thereof.

Weer'd Beard said...


Update here. Looks like they're going to keep the system rolling.

Not as good as dumping the bullshit registry, but also better than leaving us high-and-dry, and forced to hassle gun shops for routine transfers and registration.