Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dennis Henigan and Grassroots

Dennis "I forgot the people" Henigan is whining that the big bad gun lobby is trying to 'bury' his book in the reviews over at Amazon. Let's take a look at some of the 5 star reviews for him:

M. Wolkowitz: Might this be Michael Wolkowitz, the Brady Campaign chairman?

G. Dix: Might this be Griffon Dix of the CA MMM?

Frank W. Brunotts: Former president of the defunct Contra Costa Ceasefire and longtime gun control activist.

Gregory J. Jaskolka: Director Brady Campaign DE chapter.

Casey Anderson: Former employee of Horowitz's CSGV and co-author of her own anti-gun book.

"MidWest Book Review": I've yet to find anything other than a 5 star from their thousands of 'reviews'.

So out of their 16 5 star reviews, at least 5 are from professional gun control activists. Three of which are Brady employees. None of them acknowledged their connections.

Another 5 star is from a 'reviewer' that gives nothing but 5 stars.

There's your gun control 'grassroots' in action.

Armed and Safe and SIH have more.

Unorganized Militia Gear


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ah--well done. I hadn't thought of taking a closer look at some of the "5-star" ratings.

Linoge said...

While "Brady employees" are not equivalent to "Henigan himself", recall what the anti-rights campaign did to John Lott once his Mary Rosh debacle surfaced... Getting your employees to write radioactively-glowing reviews of your book is not a whole lot better.

Linoge said...

In all honesty, that last sentence should read, "Getting your employees to write radioactively-glowing reviews of your book, or your employees doing the same without disclosing the fact that you are paying them, is not a whole lot better."

No way to know if he instructed them to write the reviews, or if they did so of their own accord, but in either case, the lack of disclosure is quite misleading.