Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What we're up against....

How do groups like the Brady Campaign manage to survive without Joyce Foundation Funding?
Why are there mayors that still think MAIG actually cares about 'illegal' guns?

Because of people like this:
Many people were worried about the Ft. Hood killer before the rampage, but because of knee-jerk laws passed with the support of the NRA, there was no legal way to stop him from buying a special cop-killer gun, bullets, and high-capacity magazines from Guns Galore in KILLeen, Texas. There was no "political correctness" here, just powerlessness under the law.
So I asked him what specific 'knee-jerk laws' he was talking about. The rambling response was thus:
Knee-jerk NRA weenie laws such as no sane background check for the purchase of weapons, as well as the deletion of records. Check out Ashcroft's record as AG.
He continued to repeat himself several times and threw in the the tried and true gun banner talking points:
As far as gun laws not being able to keep killers from getting guns that is also not true. If we had sane gun laws, instead of the current NRA-written system, we could keep at least legally-procured handguns out of the paws of people that shouldn't have guns.

Gun laws, lax enforcement of them, and lack of sane gun laws have everything to do with this killer getting a special cop-killer gun with cop-killer bullets and high-volume magazines.
And these people vote, write their congress-critters and letters to the editor based off of their ignorance.


Anonymous said...
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Linoge said...

Good grief... that individual has no other way of communicating except through pre-programmed sound-bites and talking points. I would wager that he does not even understand the words he is saying, he has simply repeating things he has seen used to good effect in the past.

Unfortunately, the facts are out there, and educating people on the reality of the situation is getting easier and easier. Must make life difficult for bubble-inhabitants like him.

Thirdpower said...

Sorry Guy Cabot (JadeGold). Go troll somewhere else.

Steven M Nielson said...

Hmmm... "special cop-killer gun" being one that is technologically enhanced to only kill cops? What is the definition of a cop killer gun, let alone a cop-killer bullet? If I use a cop killer gun and bullet combo for target shooting does the gun and bullet then feel less cop-killery because they were not allowed to live up to their potential?

Perhaps it is the INTENT OF THE USER, not the weapon... this is why I cannot stomach reading anything on the Huff Post... Lefties lack the ability to reason beyond their own set of misguided sound-bites...

So thanks for stomaching the Huff, and thanks for sharing!

kaveman said...

Regardless of the tactics employed at HuffPo to disseminate the "anti-gun" blogs to attract potential supporters, the pro-freedom crowd still dominates every single thread.

We may be the unorganized militia, but our internet flanking should give pause to any digital Hitler's out there.

Crotalus said...

Heh! Cessna Driver was getting his ass handed to him, yet in one post, he said "This is just too much fun!" Idiot must be a masochist! I doubt if he's fit to fly!