Monday, November 23, 2009

John Rosenthal and MAIG: Due Process Not Necessary

"The Second Amendment should NOT extend to convicted criminals and terrorists, suspected or otherwise. "
So he's officially on the record stating that Fundamental Civil Rights shouldn't apply to people the Gov't chooses to put on secret lists based off of suspicion alone.

According to him, even being under investigation is cause to have your rights removed.

Good thing he's on 'our side' as a gun owner and trap shooter.

He is, however in good company as Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual (among others in the Hope and Change administration ) feels the same way.

Not to mention the Bloomberg Coalition.

( I wonder how many of those names are accurate)

And we should trust these people why exactly?

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kaveman said...

Goody goody gumdrops!!!!!!

The last posts by Helmke, Henigan and Sugarmann have gotten a bit cluttered. Nice to have a clean canvas. On my way.

BTW, if John Rosenthal's wife's name is lynn, you do realize that she is one of Obama's "czars," right?

Anonymous said...

How convenient for prosecutors.

If natural, constitutionally protected rights don't apply once you've been accused of a crime, they no longer have to worry about those pesky fourth through eighth amendments that hamstring them from bringing we criminals to justice.

Due process? Why should criminals be afforded that? It can't be an illegal search or seizure because they were accused of a crime and so their rights don't apply. Cruel and unusual punishment? That only applies to the law abiding, not accused criminals.

Weer'd Beard said...

I wonder if John Rosenthal would like us to play this game as he's a suspected Straw-Buyer and Gun-Runner!

Somebody should confiscated his multi-thousand dollar shotguns he shoots skeet and birds with!