Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Suspected Terrorists" by the Numbers

With all the support by people perfectly willing to dump due process and deny rights to 'suspected' Terrorists, one only has to take a look at the wonderful history of the "No-Fly List" and the FBI Terrorist Watch List.

As of Nov. 2009, there are well over 1.3 million names on the list covering an alleged 400,000 unique individuals. 5% of those are US citizens or residents and 9% are on both lists according to the FBI.

There are 1,600 names suggested to it daily with over 20,000 added per month.

The qualifications to be put on the list? Classified. (Yet Hasan didn't)

An audit by the DoJ found a 35% error rate based on spot checks of names on the list.

A check on 216 known terrorists found 35 who were NOT on the lists.

A bill (H.R. 559) to create an Office of Appeals and Redress passed the house but has sat idle in the Senate since February (so it's dead).

Countless people
, including Legislators, military personal, political activists and even Air Marshals and small children have been harassed, detained and/or had their lives disrupted due to being inaccurately associated with these lists.

Yet gun control activists like John Rosenthal, Rahm Emanual, AG Holder, MAIG Mayors (along with all the sheeple that think the line "Do you want Osama Bin Laden buying a gun?" is a quality argument) think we should put even more power behind these secret, error-laden lists.

Doesn't that make you just all warm and fuzzy inside?

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