Monday, November 23, 2009

Magic Numbers 251 58 38 891

251 Representatives
58 Senators

38 State Attorney Generals
891 State Legislators and elected officials

Those are the ones who have filed Amicus Briefs (so far) in McDonald v Chicago in support of getting rid of the handgun ban.

How many have or will filed in support of Chicago? Will the gun banners have to (falsely) claim 'more diversity' this time as well?

So how do you think employees of the Brady Campaign and VPC are feeling right now?

It comes as no surprise that neither the AG nor the Senators from IL signed on. A big thanks to those Legislators that did:

Representative Peter J. Roskam (IL-6, R)
Representative Deborah L. Halvorson (IL-11, D)
Representative Jerry F. Costello (IL-12, D)
Representative Judith B. Biggert (IL-13, R)
Representative Timothy V. Johnson (IL-15, R)
Representative Donald A. Manzullo (IL-16, R)
Representative Aaron J. Schock (IL-18, R)
Representative John M. Shimkus (IL-19, R)

Pamela Althoff, State Senate
Brad Burzynski, State Senate
Dan Cronin, State Senate
Kirk Dillard, State Senate
Dan Duffy, State Senate
Paul Froehlich, State Representative
William Haine, State Senate
Randall Hultgren, State Senate
Mike Jacobs, State Senate
John Jones, State Senate
David Kochler, State Senate
Chris Lauzen, State Senate
Kyle McCarter, State Senate
Bill Mitchell, State Representative
Brandon Phelphs, State Representative
Robert W. Pritchard, State Representative
David Reis, State Representative
Jim Sacia, State Representative
Ron Stephens, State Representative
Patrick Verschoore, State Representative


Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

On the VPC comparison chart from the first time around, in the introduction, you can simply put *anti* infront of any showing of the word *gun*, and turn that list into something our side could use.

But more importantly, are you going to create an ongoing comparison chart for the current go around?

Thomas F said...

Notice that our R senator wannabe Mark Kirk...... is not on the list either.

Is he the only dumbass RINO running for Illinois Senate....

Melancton Smith said...

I think all we have in IL are dumbass RINOs.