Friday, November 20, 2009

Rosenthal + Sugarmann = Henigan ?

What do you get when gun banners mix a steaming pile of Horse manure with a giant mound Bullcr@p?

Why a whole cave full of Bat Sh!t Crazy.

Dennis "Of the People" Henigan has decided that combine the absolute most inane aspects of the various hoplophobe tirades on Ft. Hood and thrown in a few half-truths and inaccurate innuendos of his own.

The result is .... well.... read it for yourself. That's all I can say.


kaveman said...

Henigan is telegraphing the Brady Bunch's new tact.

"The point, of course, is that it is dangerous folly to issue concealed carry licenses to virtually anyone who can pass a criminal background check. It is one thing to allow individuals to have guns in the home as long as they can pass a background check. It is quite another to rely on such checks to determine who can carry a gun concealed outside the home."

Heller stung them quite a bit...duh.

They know they're going to lose McDonald(I just read the whole brief submitted by the 2AF, it's quite good).

This is the only thing they have in front of them as a realistic goal in there eyes. Limit the right to carry in one's home only.

It all ties together, they're all working in concert.

VPC comes out with its new CCW killer list, updated monthly!

Fredom states alliance and the "gun guys" both link to it as does the BC.

Helmke, Henigan, Rosenthal and Sugarmann are all demonizing carry of all forms in unison.

We don't need Mary McFate, they're telling us what there plan is.

Knowing is half the battle...GI JOE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got as far as, "The Virginia court order granting his application stated that Virginia law "does not permit a judge to inquire into the necessity for, or appropriateness of, granting such permission."

Do the courts actually rule on each individual permit? Could they actually produce a copy of the court order of his document since they have quoted from it?

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

I got a brain hemmorage reading that crap.

And it's sad to say how the Legislature's in many States believe this loons....