Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Josh Sugarmann Loves Google

In his continued efforts to smear firearm owners as extremists just waiting for their opportunity to shoot at the nearest minority or police officer, he once again sends his staff of thousands to search the web for information which he can compile into definitive data.

Failing that, he blames the NRA and links a few anecdotes all the while fervently praying that the numbers are higher.

Nevermind the fact that he has to go through years of articles to even get into double digits while there are millions of CCW holders across the US.

Nevermind the fact the last time he did this in July, he got his @ss handed to him when people started looking into the details of his anecdotes.

The Joyce Foundation is really getting their money's worth, aren't they?

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Weer'd Beard said...

This is why I don't believe that morons like Laci and MikeB and the other bigots are pro-rights strawmen.

even the in-the-open paid-shills can't help but make our arguments for us with their stupidity.

Linoge said...

Y'know, we should really thank Joshy for doing the legwork for us and proving that, on average, concealed-carry permit holders and their equivalents really are more law-abiding than average citizens. Would have taken a bit of time to do that ourselves... Must be nice to have a staff.

Mike W. said...

I ca only hope they keep spending loads of cash on this kind of "research."