Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Besides the nonsense news articles on CNN et al about the supposed 'increase' in 'Militia's' and 'extremists', I've been noticing a number of similar storied movies and show episodes on TV.

One was a really bad direct to video (but I repeat myself) movie from 2000 called, in all its originality, "Militia" that's been played on cable several times over the last month or so. Lots of stereotypes, catch-phrases, and stock footage about rural white guys wanting to eliminate the US Gov't.

Last night I caught a 2008 episode of the show 'Criminal Minds' that portrayed a Waco-esque scenario complete with child molestation, dozens of AK's and explosives. A key line from the show:
"However his predecessor, Leo Cane, is doing a 17-year prison sentence. Apparently Libertarians do not like paying taxes."
No bias there, right?

It reminds me of the old Tom Hanks film "Mazes and Monsters" that was produced back in the early 80's when the media was telling everyone that D&D made you crazy and go kill yourself while worshiping da debbil. We all know how accurate those reports were.

Update: A commenter on FB said this weeks NCIS LA also had a 'Militia' episode and Kaveman notes in comments that the NRA did an article a while back on the Joyces funding a group the encourages the media to show guns in a bad light.


kaveman said...

I know the answer to this.

I'll have to dig through my paper files and post again.

kaveman said...

Found it in a 2004 NRA "America's 1st Freedom" magazine. My paper-file fu is strong.

The group is called EIC(Entertainment Industry Council, Inc). Founded in 1983 and funded by the Joyce Foundation.

Click on the "tip sheets" in the link. I already opened them all and they're safe.


So no, it's not just you.

Unknown said...

I read thru the tip sheets. It's scary because most people are so easily lead, like lemmings.

Keep up the good work. Keep telling the truth.

Justin Buist said...

Hard for me to take CNN or anybody else serious when they start talking about a militia movement. If there was one I'd be a little put off that nobody gave me an invite!

Jason said...
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Weer'd Beard said...
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