Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Le jeu de blâme

Police in France averted a potential school shooter armed with a stolen shotgun.

Soon, I'm sure, to be followed by calls for more gun control, the French authorities are blaming the same things that the clueless do here. Video Games.
Christian Sadowski, the Mayor of Allonne, said that he knew the family well and that the boy was a fan of computer games. “Many young people end up finding it difficult to tell the difference between dream and reality,” he told The Times.
Yep. The kid played WoW so that made him into a sociopath.



Anonymous said...

Yep! And he also walked upright, breathed air, ate food, went to school, and was born from a woman.

So what else can we find in common in this boy that can be banned or tightly regulated?

B Woodman

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm still wondering why the hell I'm NOT a blood-thirsty killer.

I mean I'm a conservative white male. I own guns, I watch porn, I play violent video games, I watch violent movies, I've played D&D, and still occasionally play other table-top RPGs that are not D&D...but the Media would likely CALL them D&D anyway.

I've had long-term girlfriends cheat on me and break up with me, I've been laid off from my job (But not recently) I've been told my job was at risk of lay-offs (A little more recently, but I'm in the clear) ect ect.

Jeeze all those "Red Flags" and no bloodshed?

Almost like the Media is full-of-shit!

Note these are the same morons that blame video games and movies for murder...but totally look the other way when a deciple of a violent American-Hating Imam shoots up an army-base shouting "Allahu Ackbar!"

Nahhh, it has to be George Bush's fault for invading Afghanistan!