Friday, February 20, 2009

No Love for the Brady Campaign

Many moons ago, the Brady Campaign had an open forum on their site. They shut down comments and eventually deleted them because it turned into one of the best locations for pro-firearm advocacy on the net. At one point, they claimed "150,000 internet grassroots advocates" based off of their e-mail alerts. I know that most pro-gun bloggers receive them so that number is considerably less.

Paul Helmke then moved over to Huffpo. We followed and the pro-rights comments still outnumber the anti's 10:1.

The Brady's also have a page on Facebook that has a forum for people who "join the group". The majority of the posts and threads are by pro-gun advocates w/ nary a Brady supporter to be heard.

So if 'gun control' is so popular, where are the supporters?


TexasFred said...

Uh... Because the Brady's are full of shit maybe?? Just a guess..

TexasFred said...
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Anonymous said...

"Gun control" is so "popular" because the groups supporting it lie, bald-facedly, about their membership numbers.

I wonder how long it is before the Brady Bunch closes down their Facebook forum, if they can even figure out how to...