Saturday, December 13, 2008

WWII Veterans..

From the other side:

From bottom to top:

A Weimar K98K made by the Gustloffwerke Co. in 1944. The numbers for the (refinished) stock and barrel match but are different for the bolt . This was common as US soldiers would pick up a rifle and a bolt assembly for trophies from the separate piles that the Germans put them in after surrendering.

This was passed down from my Aunt's father to my Uncle who then gave it to my dad where it sat in the above gun rack (in a different den) for over 25 years, then I got my grubby hands on it.

Yugoslavian reworked K98K w/ Yugo communist crest. This is my 'field piece' for WWII re-enactments :

And finally, a Japanese Imperial Navy issued Katana:

Tang photo added by request of Weer'd Beard. Any further info on it would be appreciated.

Thanks to the G/K43 Community Forum for the info on the Mausers.


Anonymous said...

And the sword???

Thirdpower said...

Added. I hit 'post' instead of 'save'.

Weer'd Beard said...

You by chance strip the sword down to see if there are any markings on the tang?

I've heard of sword collectors buying up those bring-back Katanas by the dozen for pennies in the hope to find the handfull of family heirloom swords put in Imperial apointments when the Emperor re-instated Bushido.

Most likely it's a mass-produced battle-sword...but it could be an acient hand-forged Katana from the soldier's Samurai ancestry,