Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calling Ray Schoenke.

Come in Ray Schoenke.

Over and over Ray's been spouting that the NRA does nothing for hunters or conservation and it's up to the AHSA to save the day.

Well Ray, The elections over. Your guy won . Time to put up or shut up.

What are you currently doing to increase the numbers of hunters and available land?

What are you currently doing to improve conservation?

I left a message for you on your Daily Kos blog informing you (since no comments get approved on the scrubbed AHSA site) about IL Gov. Blagojevich stripping millions from conservation funds generated by hunters and shooters.

The Illinois NRA affiliate ISRA has sent out releases to its members and is taking action. Where is the AHSA?

The Humane Society of the United States (who also endorsed Obama BTW) is mounting an offensive to ban lead ammunition. They and their allies convinced North Dakota to stop accepting venison from "Hunters against Hunger" except when taken by arrows. Thousands of pounds of venison were thrown away even though the CDC said there was no danger. Now Minnesota is scanning all donated meat and is considering dropping the program all together.

The NRA and ISRA have alerted their members and are taking action. Where is the AHSA?

Since the "NRA is dead" according to the mainstream (and non-mainstream) media, this is your chance Ray. Why aren't you jumping on this chance to show what the AHSA is all about. This is your chance to show all your critics that the AHSA isn't just a the Brady Campaign in Camo.

Ray? Anything?

Anything at all?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning on the Kos link... that said, do let us know if the nitwit ever deigns to respond to you. I try to avoid that site as best as possible...

Anonymous said...

Dude's just flat-out ignoring you!

What a lame-o. "I'm IN THE GAME!!!" What the f ever buddy.