Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Empty Seat

I see three options for the filling of Obama's Senate seat.

1) Blago tries to appoint someone. Blagojevich seems so disjointed at this point he may just try it. This is a doomsday option as anyone appointed would have ZERO legitimacy while Sen. Durbin has said they would not let the appointee take the seat anyway. Whoever gets the seat becomes persona non grata. Beautiful chaos ensues as the powers turn on themselves.

2) Lt. Gov. Quinn, when he becomes Gov., attempts to appoint a replacement. While he has been outside of Blago's circle for awhile, whoever gets picked will still only see limited legitimacy due to lingering concerns. It will have to be a person as far away from the current Governor as possible, eliminating most of the Chicago machine. Not the best but not the worst option either.

3) A Special Election is called. This increases the possibility of a pro-gun and/or Republican senator being elected. The Republicans can also use the cost of the election (estimated at $50m+) as a point against the Democrats ("look what your boy cost the taxpayers").

The Illinois Republicans can use this to gain a lot more influence in the state. That is, of course, unless the they retain the moniker as being the "Stupid Party" and screw it up. I know where I'ld place my money on that one unfortunately.

None of the options will remove the Teflon coating from the anointed one though.

All of them will provide for much entertainment and blog fodder.

From one of my favorite readers:
" Are you sitting back and popping popcorn??
This show seems to only get better."

Let the games begin.

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Anonymous said...

It was less than 2 weeks ago that talk show hosts where worrying about having a lack of joke material come Jan 20th when the dems take back power.

Blago could mushroom into a sizable spectable fairly easily.

Please don't get me anything for Christmas, I've already got what I wanted.