Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a track record...

There are bad apples on our side but we're the ones wanting schoolkids to be given AK-47's so it should be expected. The anti's are the ones that claim they're 'honest'.

Is this what they mean?

Blago is the second Brady Campaign endorsed state governor to take a fall for corruption this year. We all remember NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer, right?

Almost half-a-dozen MAIG Mayors have fallen (Daley, we're looking at you next).

Several prominent Million Mommy March leaders have gone down for gun crimes nevermind the fact that their organization folded as an independent group while they were being investigated for tax fraud.

NY Mayor Bloomberg (MAIG member) and Josh Rosenthal (Stop Handgun Violence) have both sponsored or were involved in illegal firearm transactions.

Good company.

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