Thursday, August 7, 2008

Realfacts not 'convenient' on Mother Jones

Is "Reasoned Discourse" a communicable disease? Did they catch it talking to Helmke?

As War on Guns notes, it's perfectly acceptable to call gun owners and conservatives subhuman over on the Mother Jones message boards, but point out their own hypocrisy in supporting unethical and illegal actions? No way! That's a banning offense.

Under the header that I had been using, I attempted to post this message:

Interestingly enough, when NYC Mayor Bloomberg hired private investigators to try and illegally purchase firearms out of state, committing multiple felonies in the process, Mother Jones supported it:

Not a mention of the letter of rebuke he got from the justice department for doing it ,the fact that he fought handing over the evidence to the BATFE or that ,when he did, NO charges were brought against the dealers by either the state or federal authorities

I got this response:

'when convenient'. Yeah right. We all know what that means. As soon as Sebastian's site's name becomes reality. When I changed the e-mail address, it got through. Amazing, eh?


David Codrea said...

That's pretty funny, because remember that moron J. Monterrey, chiding people for poor spelling and then misspelling "convoluted"?

Here's what he told everyone about the "superiority" of Mother Jones' website rules over NRA's:

At Mother Jones, one just signs and and leaves comments, unobstructed.

What's the deal with the NRA so up tight about commenting on it's blog?

Mother Jones doesn't filter comments! Freedom!

Why is the NRA so paranoid about commenting?

The thing about these loons is, they don't actually realize they are stupid and inconsistent. No amount of logic will ever penetrate such ignorant and superstitious minds, because if they're dumb enough to believe what they say, they've disqualified themselves from being capable of reason.

Thirdpower said...

Why yes, I do seem to recall that comment. Funny how that works.