Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How were these images obtained?

These images were all obtained clandestinely by Dr. Gary Wintemute using a cell phone camera at gun shows. He did not inform any of the dealers or attendees that he was conducting research nor his history of prior anti-gun efforts. He used them in a report claiming that "straw purchases" were rampant in states outside California w/o any evidence besides his personal opinions of various transactions he 'observed'.

This study has been hyped by the Brady Campaign, LCAV, MAIG, and others. It was funded in part by the Joyce Foundation which is the same group that funds the VPC, FSA, and other anti-gun efforts.

Josh Sugarmann: The Mother Jones revelation of Mary McFate's soulless undercover mission

Paul Helmke: Whatever the case, it's clear that some over there have too much money and no moral compass.

Bryan Miller:The McFate operation, says Miller, "would confirm for me the way that the gun lobby works, which is no rules, no question of fairness or honesty. Anything that they can do they will do to protect the profits of the gun industry."

These are the statements of "gun control" executives on the recent discovery that one of their prominent members was a paid informant to the NRA. This is the double standard present in the "gun control" lobby. Just like MAIG founder Chicago Mayor Daley denies citizens of the city the ability to defend themselves while walking around w/ a contingent of body guards, Sugarmann pretending to be an FFL dealer in order to get inside information of the firearm industry, and Mayor Bloomburg hiring people to entrap dealers, they show that the standards they set for everyone else is much higher than the ones they personally live up to.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the *hypothetical* chart.

Bill Caffrey - HCA Editor said...

The Brady Bunch should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, their primary tactic is to represent "victims" and victimhood. Pete Sheilds, who founded Handgun Control, Inc. which later became the Brady Bunch, was a former CIA employee. His stated goal was to make it impossible to get a handgun in the US without a court order. If the Bradys aren't smart enough to vet people into high positions, that's hardly the fault of pro-gun organizations.