Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not Possible

The murder rate in Chicago went from an increase of 13% in June compared to last year to
18% in July. 62 murders for the month for a rate of about 17.7/100K. Three times higher than the nation and 6 times higher than the rest of the state.

Great job with that gun ban, eh?

An earlier statement made by the Chicago Politburo last month:

if the current murder rate holds in the city, 2008 may end with fewer than 500 homicides and that it is expected to be one of the least deadly years in the city in the last 40 years.

That "less than 500" was actually one less. "If the current rate holds" now, we're looking at 520+. If the current trend increase holds, they're looking at over 600.


Anonymous said...

The citizens are being held hostage by both the government and the criminals. Both have guns, both mean to deprive you of your dignity and rights.

Anonymous said...

I love this nugget at the end.

""Law enforcement is having to adapt to that and looking at different kinds of ways that are outside the traditional ways that we've been using to attack gang violence," she said."

I can think of a few ways to attack gang violence, but it's outside of the traditional ways, which seem to be working so well.