Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reasonably Desperate

Bryan Miller considers the BOR "archaic".

He, like the other anti's, have recognized that they've lost the debate on the 2A (which is now referred to as "static and useless" in typical sour grapes fashion) and are now pinning all their hopes on the possibility of the word "reasonable" in the decision to keep all their hopes of gun bans and confiscations alive.

Tomorrow's the day.


Anonymous said...

yep yep

SCOTUSblog just announced that Chief Justice Roberts said all remaining decisions will be released at 10am thursday.

Hmmm, 10am eastern time is 7am pacific time.

Guess what I'm gonna be doing when I walk in the door at 6:45.

Petey said...

If the SCOTUSblog is right that Scalia is writing the Majority opinion (although they did also suggest a plurality opinion could happen), this ruling could take us to where the framers originally intended, that our rights are not infringed.