Friday, June 27, 2008

More Chicago PSH and flat out nonsense

In the Sun Times:

"If the broadest interpretation of this decision is vindicated, police are going to lose the ability to engage in stop-and-frisk tactics when they see a suspicious bulge in the waistband of a known gang member standing in a known drug market. That's going to make police effectively helpless in combatting gang crime. Those are the stakes," said Rosenthal, a law professor at Chapman University.

Um, no. No it won't. Convicted felons and others still can't legally own firearms and IL still doesn't have CCW so if they see one w/ a firearm, they still can stop them.

This coming from a "Law Professor". So much for a quality education there.

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Anonymous said...

Chicago tried to pass a law years back banning groups of more that 8 people on a street corner. To limit gang activity. But the ACLU took care of that.

Our legislators need to get smarter on gangs and criminals , not gun owners.